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Whole House Reverse Osmosis System On A Frame 2500 GPD RO

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Whole House Reverse Osmosis System On A Frame. You can choose only the reverse osmosis system or only the components you need.

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whole house reverse osmosis system

The 2500 Whro FR is an excellent choice for a high quality -
low cost whole house RO system for the treatment of high
TDS water such as a well with salt intrusion.

Our Whole House Reverse Osmosis Systems come in three models:

  • Light Duty:  600 GPD RO with 135 Gallon Tank (23" x 82") - Typically for smaller homes with 1-2 baths and less than 3 people
  • Medium Duty:  1,800 GPD RO with 250 Gallon Tank (30" x 89") - Typically for homes with 3-4 baths and 4-6 people)
  • Heavy Duty:  5,000 GPD RO with 500 Gallon Tank (46" x 77") - Typically for larger custom homes with potential for more water usage

System Components:

  • RO System - This is a true commercial-grade Reverse Reverse Osmosis System that includes a five (5) micron spun poly filter to keep any solids from the membrane.
  • Sub Pump - As water is needed out of the tank, the submersible pump delivers what is needed, as needed. (Pump is in tank so will take up less room)
  • System is easy to monitor and adjust if necessary. The water quality is easily read with a touch of a button.
  • Disinfection - Before the water goes to the supply, the water passes through an ultraviolet (UV) purification  chamber, where it is totally disinfected for whatever usage is required. ( A  uv light comes with our system if you buy all components)
  • Shut Off- The system will automatically shut off in a low pressure situation and will restart upon recovery of pressure.
  • • 1/2 HP Stainless Steel Multi Stage Centrifugal Pump (not a cheaper light duty rotary vane pump)
  • Pvc  Membrane Vessel
  • • Pvc Drain controller for easier backwash.
  • • Low Energy State of the Art Membrane Element
  • • Permeate and Concentrate Flow Meters ( to know how much water your wasting and how much your wasting.)
  • • Liquid Filled 300 Psi System Pressure Gauge
  • • Digital TDS Monitor for Inlet and Outlet Water
  • • 20” 5 Micron Pre Filter
  • • Low Pressure Shut Off Switch
  • • Made in the USA
  • Pre Filter is simple to replace


  • When your tank is full, it shuts off the inlet valve to the RO System, so that it cannot overflow;
  • The robust 4.5" filters are items that generally need changed monthly or bi monthly to preserve the membrane.
  • The Atmospheric Tank is small enough to fit through most interior doors;
  • The Franklin Booster pump is simply the best in class


  • 3-Year on Atmospheric Storage Tanks and Booster Pump
  • 5 Years on sub pump in tank
  • Lifetime on UV Stainless Steel Chamber
  • 2-Years on RO System
  • 2-Year on all Other Parts (except consumables like filters and membranes)
Optional Features
• True BAckwash Feature on system
• Additional Membrane Kit for Higher Production
• Available storage tanks in 325, 500 and 1000 gallon
System Specifications
• Up to 2500 Gal per 4x40 membrane a day with Proper Pretreatment
(based on 500ppm TDS @ 77° F feed water silt index < 5)
• 110 or 220 power for booster pump power psi System Operating Pressure - Low Energy
• Up to 99% Rejection of Dissolved Solids (TDS)
• 115 volt - 60 Hz
220 v
Note:  We can configure any size, tanks, pumps and RO systems for custom applications or when space is an issue.  For an example, the 500 gallon tank is 46" in diameter and may not fit, so we may have to couple (2) 250 gallon tanks (30" diameter) together.  Call us if you are unsure.

The reverse osmosis system frame only needs 2 110 outlets
the Whole housre reverse osmosis system frame with cabinnet, uv, post with backwash. 110 system needs 3 110  volts and 1 220 plug. Plus your well pump plug the Whole housre reverse osmosis system frame with cabinnet, uv, post with backwash. 220 system needs 2 220 volts and 2 110 volt outlets. plus your pump

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